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Our digital solutions for education provide turnkey solutions to school administrators and teachers, from primary school to higher education. Our expertise covers all phases of digital transformation projects in schools. The ambition of the bursars is to encourage, support and generalize the educational uses of digital technology in colleges, high schools, and universities. Foster innovation and support the transformation of educational practices. It is about helping educational communities to engage in educational projects that rely on concrete digital contributions for student success.

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Our Mission

The ambition of the Eleami is to encourage, support and generalize the educational uses of digital technology in colleges, high schools, and universities.

Our Vision

Develop the uses of digital technology at school and around the school in order to make young people acquire the elements of culture essential for the citizens of tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A user is a participant in a training session in Eleami. So a user quota depends on the subscription license.
When you create an Eleami account, you have a free account with no time limit with only a limited version of the administrative management function. This version allows you to centralize and digitally monitor your training and generate the basic documents for managing your training (programs, agreements, certificates, on-the-spot assessments, attendance sheet and internal regulations).
No, the Econume software is fully hosted on the web, so you do not have to install or update your computer.
Eleami subscription is billed monthly with no time commitment.
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